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  /  11.10.2022

As previously reported by REVOLT, tech billionaire Elon Musk recently acquired Twitter in a highly publicized deal. After landing the popular social networking app, the mogul announced users would have to pay $8 to be verified — but it seems that was all users had to do to score a blue check.

Yesterday (Nov. 9), the site saw an increase in verified fake accounts pretending to be public figures and brands. According to NBC News, NBA champion LeBron James, MLB pitcher Aroldis Chapman and NHL center Connor McDavid were among the names of celebs targeted once the verification subscription service launched. Users quickly caught on to the blunder. TV personality Desus Nice tweeted, “If you create a Twitter Blue verified account with a bank’s name [and] register a fake domain close enough to the bank’s URL, all you have to do is make a fake login page and collect the login/passwords combos. Allegedly.”

Another person said if you flood the app with fake accounts, “no one will believe anything anymore, which will solve the site’s disinformation problem. Nice job, @elonmusk! Or @elOnmusk.” One user summed it up by adding if you subscribe to the service, “that makes you a real fake licensed account.” As impersonation accounts for notables such as Martin Luther King, Jr. and Pope Francis popped up, another person said the app’s “fake ‘verification’ sale is going well this morning.”

Amid the chaos, the platform gave an update. According to the company’s website, only users who already had profiles before yesterday will be able to apply for the verification services. “Accounts created on or after November 9, 2022 will be unable to subscribe to Twitter Blue at this time,” the site said on its Help Center page. The app may be using this time to weed through ongoing issues. Some users, like Doja Cat, also complained about being unable to change the name on her profile. After setting her name to “Christmas,” the Grammy winner tweeted, “I don’t wanna be Christmas forever @elonmusk please help. I’ve made a mistake.” Musk responded, “Working on it!”

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