This year’s REVOLT Summit x AT&T was more than just a star-studded event. In fact, panelist 19keys says the event was everything that the culture needs.

“It’s beautiful because the exact thing we need right now is a cultural, spiritual and technological revolution,” he told REVOLT backstage. “I think when we get together, it forces people, regardless of what you do, to try to think of something of value to give to our people. And when we’re here, it represents a community. There’s no violence. We’re in the middle of Atlanta, in the middle of the hood, but what’s going on right here is about empowering each other.”

19keys, who is a St. Louis born, Oakland-raised thought leader, entrepreneur and overall go-getter also honed in on the endless and beneficial possibilities that come from an event such as the REVOLT Summit. “What’s going on right here is about empowering each other about wealth, about the future of music, the future of opportunities. How we can take and control our own. So, I just love to see the expression of our people that show up. They’re smiling, they’re networking, they’re working together and they have their ears open for something valuable,” he continued.

Although he threw some gems out for the audience to grab during the insightful two-day event, 19keys was more focused on walking the walk than talking the talk. He’s all about action! “I believe that you gotta inspire people by what you do,” he shared. “I think motivation is dead because it doesn’t give you the substance and quality of things you need to become what you want. So, for me, it’s about being a walking example. And watching other young men and women say, ‘Wait a minute, there are different archetypes that we can aspire to be.'”