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  /  11.08.2022

Last week, a disturbing video circulated on social media of two students engaged in a fight. In the footage, one person recorded as a male student ran up to another teen and struck him. The other male hit back in self-defense, but the situation intensified when it was revealed that the attacker had a knife in his hand.

The tense brawl lasted around a minute as witnesses called for help. Two teachers finally intervened and unarmed the attacker before separating the pupils. One person who posted a video of the frightening situation claimed the incident took place in Utica, New York. The caption mentioned “a [high school] attempted murder.” The user described the scene, saying, “While his friend films, a student tries to kill his classmate by stabbing him in the neck.” Local news station WKTV caught wind of the shocking video and was able to confirm that the incident happened at Proctor High School.

Local police revealed the attack happened on Oct. 31 and that an 18-year-old student was stabbed multiple times by a 17-year-old classmate. The victim was transported to a nearby hospital where he received treatment for injuries to his hands and back. Luckily, the teen is expected to make a full recovery as his wounds were considered to be non-life-threatening.

Acting Superintendent Brian Nolan told WKTV that weapons detection systems were recently placed in all Utica City School District schools, and he is unsure of how the student was able to bring a knife onto the campus. “We’re looking at the metal detecting systems themselves, we’re looking at the calibration. The police are interviewing the assailant and trying to get information from him on how the weapon was brought into the school,” Nolan shared.

Following the incident, administrators temporarily banned students from being able to leave school grounds for free periods and lunch. Officials with the city’s Criminal Investigation Division and Juvenile Aid Unit are investigating what could have been a deadly situation. According to police, the minor is facing charges of attempted assault and criminal possession of a weapon.


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