Salt-N-Pepa’s contributions to entertainment will forever be immortalized now that the group has joined the long list of celebrities to obtain a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The rap trio reunited for the special honor on Friday (Nov. 4). The star is located near the placard Missy Elliott received last year. Fellow emcees MC Lyte and Yo-Yo were among the stars who attended Salt-N-Pepa’s ceremony.

The hip-hop group was originally formed in the ’80s by Cheryl “Salt” James and Sandra “Papa” Denton, and Deidra “DJ Spinderella” Roper joined soon after. In 1993, the pioneering artists made history as the first female rap act to have a multi-platinum album with Very Necessary. The project consists of singles like “Shoop” and “Whatta Man.” The record peaked at No. 4 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Pepa said the achievement was something she had only dreamed of but never really saw coming to fruition. “It was dedication. It was hard work,” Pepa said, with Salt chiming in that sometimes “your setback is a setup for your comeback.”

The special occasion also marked the first time the group has been seen together publicly since 2019. In recent years, Salt, Pepa, and DJ Spinderella have shared a sometimes contentious relationship.

Three years ago, DJ Spinderella left the group amid a dispute over claims of unpaid royalties and multiple breaches of contract. In 2021, the fault line between the DJ and her former group mates grew wider when she publicly aired her grievances about her absence from Lifetime’s Salt-N-Pepa biopic.

On Friday, however, Spinderella made it clear she was ready to move past any turmoil. “I have to thank you for those lessons because it wasn’t just the music, it was our relationship, and that means everything to me, so whatever we got to do to fix that, let’s get some unity back in this! Let’s figure it out and be iconic and be what the fans want,” she said during her acceptance speech.