Yesterday (Nov. 1), the hip hop community suffered a devastating loss. At just 28 years old, Takeoff, of the rap supergroup Migos, was fatally shot. That evening, his record label, Quality Control Music, expressed their sadness and confirmed the Georgia native was hit by a stray bullet.

Last night, Quality Control Music CEO Pierre “Pee” Thomas shared an emotional message on Instagram about the tragedy. “Young King @yrntakeoff, I don’t know where to begin, but I want to say that anybody that knows me knows how much I love you, and anybody that knows you knows that you definitely didn’t deserve to die at such a young age,” the CEO began. Next, the music mogul pleaded for the Black community to find ways to resolve issues that don’t end with violence. “We only get [one] life and once it’s gone, it’s over, no coming back. So with that being said, I want our community to remember that we don’t have to continue to result to violence every time there is a disagreement,” Thomas shared in regards to Takeoff’s death.

He continued, “It’s OK to love your brother and sister. We all have been guilty of self-hate, but I pray this never-ending cycle will someday change us all.” While speaking of Takeoff, he said, “We have so many memories to keep your name alive. As we mourn your [loss], I pray that everyone please be understanding [of] what the family has to see on the internet with the videos and negative comments.” Just after the fatal Houston shooting, pictures and videos of Takeoff’s lifeless body circulated online. Many condemned those individuals spreading the footage.

“This is somebody’s child,” Thomas said of Takeoff. He concluded his message with, “Let them get [through] this process with peace and love. You came from the stars so I know you will forever be up there watching down on all of us. I will forever love you.” We will continue to keep those close to the heartbreaking situation in our thoughts.