Many are left devastated after finding out Takeoff, formerly of Migos, was shot and killed this morning (Nov. 1) in Houston. One person who isn’t taking the news well is fellow rapper Rich The Kid. The artist shared a heartbreaking post on social media about his loss.

“Today I lost more than a brother. My twin, my best friend, everything. I don’t wanna believe it, I can’t,” he began. In his post, he showed several photos of the two together during happier, more carefree times. The New York native continued, “The most humble person I know. We used to share shoes [and] clothes before we made it with no problem! I miss you already. You didn’t deserve that! I can’t stop crying. I love you so much bro, forever.” One of the last pictures was a screenshot of a text message between them from days earlier. “Buzzin, I miss you,” Rich said. Takeoff responded, “Miss [you] too, Buzzin.”

The “Plug Walk” artist also shared a photo of the pair smiling in his Instagram Stories. He captioned the post, “My best friend, my brother. I don’t want to believe this. I love you so much, bro. I’m sorry.” He received support from others in the industry as well as fans in the comments. Rich and Takeoff have collaborated on multiple tracks together, including “Rockets” in 2019, “Too Blessed” in 2020 and “Crypto” earlier this year.

In July, Offset and Takeoff attended Rich’s 30th birthday celebration in New York City. So far, Houston police have not released any information regarding a suspect. According to Fox 5 Atlanta, a spokesperson for the department said, “Security guards who were in the area heard the shooting, but did not see who did it.” Quavo, one-third of the rap group Migos, was present at the time of the incident. Two others were injured and taken to a nearby hospital. Their names and condition have not been revealed.

We will bring you more information as the story continues to unfold.