At last, the world has finally been gifted with Rihanna’s musical presence and the wait was well worth it. With Marvel’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever coming to theaters everywhere on Nov. 11, the 34-year-old, Grammy award-winning superstar has made her way back to the music scene. When it comes to huge movie releases such as Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, it is only right that the soundtrack is top-tier. With that being said, Rihanna was the perfect ingredient to add great substance to the film with her undeniable musical talent. Today (Oct. 28), RiRi drops off her highly anticipated “Lift Me Up” visual and the fans cannot get enough of it.

Her grand return certainly did not go unnoticed as the world stopped for a moment when “Lift Me Up” visual saw the light of day. Setting the tone to the record, Rihanna kicked things off with an infectious Kid Cudi-like hum over the calming and beautiful sound of ocean waves and stringed instruments. “Lift Me Up. Hold me down. Keep me close. Safe and sound.” she sang. Although the visual is simple and straight to the point with Rihanna standing on the beach in front of fire embers, it is quite the riveting experience as it pertains to the film with the added movie clips.

Rihanna’s last full length album, ANTI, arrived back in 2016 and fans worldwide have been itching like Pookie from New Jack City for some new music from the icon. This is certainly one hell of a way to make a comeback and hopefully, this “Lift Me Up” visual is the segue to even more musical surprises, sooner than later. Check it out below and make sure you cop your tickets to see Black Panther: Wakanda Forever at a theatre near you.