Halloween is right around the corner and apparently, some adults have to be reminded that Blackface is never an acceptable costume. In her spare time, Arizona GOP candidate Mary Ann Mendoza seemingly enjoys offensively dressing up as people of color. The Republican has been photographed on more than one occasion mocking racial stereotypes.

Last week, photos of what appears to be Mendoza in racist attire began to circulate online. In one photo, she is seen at a gathering covered in Blackface. A plate of food is in one hand, while another rests on her exaggerated and stuffed butt. The Trump supporter paired her costume with a black Afro and a red bandana. She smiles for a photo while wearing bright red lipstick and an apron that says, “Aunt Jemima.” A person who shared one of the pictures tweeted, “This lady named Mary Ann Mendoza is running for Arizona House of Representatives @karenhunter and the Republican Party is loving her. Disgusting.”

But Mendoza’s antics don’t stop there. Another user joined in on the conversation sharing more photos. “This is also her. Has she been canceled yet? Waiting,” they said with pictures of the Republican wearing brown body paint while dressed as a Native American. Twitter users not only found her behavior repulsive, but downright odd. “[I] just don’t understand the fascination of doing this. Sick,” one person said. Another added, “White people are very strange.”

Arizona’s East Valley NAACP chapter caught wind of the photos and released a statement on Sunday (Oct. 23). “Voters, use your power to condemn Blackface, Redface [and] all racism at the ballot box,” the organization tweeted with a copy of the release. They added, “Multiple photographs appear to show Arizona House of Representatives candidate Mary Ann Mendoza (Legislative District 9) wearing Blackface and Redface. In two images, the woman wears minstrel-like makeup and an apron imprinted with the words ‘Aunt Jemima.’”

The statement continued, “In another photo, the woman is wearing what some interpret as a ‘Pocahontas’ costume. Legislative District 9 includes Mesa and Tempe, the ancestral lands of the Akimel O’odham and Pee Posh. Wearing a marginalized people’s culture as a costume disqualifies the candidate from representing the constituents they are disrespecting.” The NAACP called for “Mary Ann Mendoza to confirm or deny that she is the person in any of the photographs; and, if she is, we call for her immediate withdrawal from the Arizona legislative race.”

At this time, Mendoza has made no public comments regarding the photographs.

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