Cardi B has one less legal matter on her mind after being cleared of any wrongdoing in a copyright infringement case on Friday (Oct. 21).

The Grammy Award-winning rapper was sued by artist Kevin Michael Brophy in 2017. In the suit, Brophy argued that his back tattoo was photoshopped into the cover art for Cardi’s 2016 mixtape Gangsta B**ch Music, Vol. 1, causing him to face ridicule. The controversial cover depicted the New York rapper with a man between her legs, seemingly performing oral sex, with Brophy’s massive tattoo on his back.

Brophy said the photoshopped image was used “in a misleading, offensive, humiliating and provocative sexual way to launch her career in music and entertainment.” However, Cardi and her legal team argued only a small portion of the tattoo was used and that it did not identify Brophy nor hinder his employment.

“To me, it doesn’t look like his back at all. The tattoo was modified, which is protected by the First Amendment,” Cardi said in court. “He hasn’t gotten fired from his job. He hasn’t gotten a divorce. How has he suffered? He’s still in a surf shop at this job. Please tell me how he’s suffered.”

Ultimately, the jury sided with the “Up” artist. Despite his loss, The Associated Press reported Brophy and Cardi had a cordial exchange after the verdict was announced. “At the end of the day, I do respect you as an artist,” he told the former reality TV personality.

Cardi tweeted the news of her victory on Friday, writing, “I just won this lawsuit …Im soo emotional right now 🥲…I wanna kiss Gods feet right now …..IM BEYOND GRATEFUL!!!!” In an Instagram Live following the verdict, Cardi said she was scared and unsure if she would win. “I told myself if I win, I was going to cuss Mr. Brophy out. But I don’t have it in my heart to cuss him out,” she said in the recording.

See the post below for more details about Cardi’s victorious day in court.