As a rising fashion prince, Jaden Smith sat among other fashion icons, including Janet Jackson, Jurnee Smollett, and more, during this year’s Paris Fashion Week. A part from appearing front row at these shows, he also presented his own collection.

On Friday (Oct. 7), Smith revealed the MSFTSrep’s Fall 2022 launch at London retailer Selfridges. The 24-year-old multi-hyphenate entertainer wore the brand’s anti-Federal Reserve puffer jacket featuring a graphic of bankers and financiers attending a meeting, according to WWD. In addition, his outfit included a pleated skirt and light-wash denim pants adorned with cymatics. Smith framed his face with a large flower-shaped headpiece as a finishing touch.

The young star shared several photos of himself in the latest collection, which he captioned as “renaissance,” on his Instagram account on Monday (Oct. 10).

In an interview with Selfridges last year, he shared how he came up with the idea of MSFTSrep and what it meant to be a “misfit” to him. “It started when we were younger, by people making fun of us, telling us that we were weirdos – in the way that we dress, the way that we talk, what we chose to talk about, what we studied,” Smith expressed. “Somebody in my life named OmArr Rambert, who has been working with my family for a long time, was like,’Yo, you guys should start a group called misfits…’ And we ultimately landed on MSFTSrep, a group where young people can know, ‘Hey, we might have such different lives from you, but we’re also weird, and we might feel like we don’t fit in either. We want you to know that there’s a place for you, for those people who feel like they don’t fit in, for you.'”

He added, “Being a misfit has always been about just being different and not necessarily fitting into the status quo…People grow these MSFTS communities all over the world. They tell me about breakthroughs with their therapist. They write me long letters about how they feel about the world, [and] they talk to me about sustainability. With a lot of those people that I have had genuine connections with, I keep those connections, and we work together in the future.”

Below is Jaden Smith’s latest Instagram post featuring his MSFTSrep Fall 2022 collection: