A 1-year-old baby has been left severely burned after her father, 23-year-old Eugene Lamont Sneed, reportedly poured boiling hot water down her throat. The child’s mother, Niktoria Lett, told Fox News that she left her daughter Royalty in the care of her father for a short period. When she returned home, she found the child’s face “all messed up.”

According to records, Sneed had previous run-ins with the law — most recently, a domestic violence charge in 2020. He was out on bond when he allegedly poured the boiling water down his daughter’s throat. The incident happened last week. By Friday (Oct. 7), the Alabama man was booked into a local jail for aggravated child abuse. “I get in the apartment and my whole, my, my baby face is just messed up. Her whole head, her left shoulder is just like ooh!” Lett said of the situation.

Lett was shocked at Royalty’s appearance. “I couldn’t even stand to look at her. I couldn’t even keep calm. I couldn’t even maintain my body for real, for real. So we rushed her to the hospital, and from there, her injuries just started worsening,” the upset mother shared. “Her lungs — critical, everything critical. That’s how they know it was done purposely. They said it was an intentional thing that he did. Justice for Royalty! That’s all we want, that’s all we want,” she added.

The boiling water left visible damage on the young child. “Nineteen percent of her head is burnt up, like all this is gone. And my baby [is] just in the hospital fighting for her life,” the heartbroken mother told Fox News. Kiara Lett, the child’s aunt, added, “Who would do something like this to an innocent baby? It’s not right.” She continued, “That baby was there, she thought she was in a safe home with her father. It ain’t right what he did to our baby. He messed up our life with this. She was just an innocent child.”

A Mobile district judge revoked Sneed’s bond, ruling he will remain in jail. He is scheduled to be arraigned on Oct. 17.