With songs like “Swerve,” “How You Ridin’” and “Give Me That,” Boosie and Webbie had the early 2000s on lock for nearly a decade. And who could forget their 2008 hit “Independent,” which made sure none of us ever spelled the word wrong? Unfortunately, tensions between the Baton Rouge rappers eventually caused the pair to part ways.

But fans of the duo can now look forward to a reunion. During the 2022 REVOLT Summit on Sept. 24, Boosie made a huge announcement while taping “Big Facts Live.” After highly public disagreements with Webbie in 2020, Boosie revealed the two would once again be collaborating on a new project.

One of the hosts, DJ Scream, mentioned to Boosie that “a lot of day one fans” were in the audience. The host then asked if we’d ever see him and Webbie together again. “We working on it, bruh,” the rapper responded. He continued, “Right now, we’re sending each other records. But I wanna get in there together and get that vibe. You know what I’m saying?”

“But we’ll definitely have something coming. I can’t say when,” Boosie added. The outspoken rapper also shared why he feels it’s important to always be his authentic self. “People know that I share my truth and I stick to my truth, so at places like this, a lot of people feel I need to be heard and I’m a voice for a lot of people who can’t talk. And when Boosie speaks, I got a platform that I speak on, but I speak with realness in me. Everything I speak, I mean it. I might say it wrong sometimes, but I speak with knowledge, too, if you listen,” he said.

Recently, Boosie called out fellow rapper Kanye West for using his platform to denounce the Black Lives Matter movement. “[DAMN] @kanyewest [YOU] JUST GOING TO KEEP USING YOUR PLATFORM TO S**T ON YOUR OWN RACE LIKE THIS? THIS [IS] SAD! [AND] the Black people who still support you [are] even sadder! LAST TIME SPEAKING ON THIS [clown]. #KanyeWestDoesntLikeBlackPeople DO US A FAVOR [AND] BLEACH YOUR SKIN ALL WHITE! Thanks,” he tweeted on Oct. 4.