While speaking at the “Big Facts Live” panel during the 2022 REVOLT Summit on Saturday, Sept. 24, one of the hosts asked Boosie what was something that he hasn’t done but always wanted to do and his response was having sex with a cop.

“I [want to] have sex with a cop,” Boosie said. “With a woman cop. I [want to] take her stuff off. Take her badge off. I wanna f**k a woman cop.”

When asked if “That’s some revenge type shit” by one of the hosts, the rapper replied with, “kinda .. I ain’t [going to] tell you what I really [want to] do but I [want to] f**k a cop. A bada**. I’m talking about a bad, [something] nice but I [want to], you know, role play. I’m the gangster and she the cop. So I kind of [want to] role play with her. You know what I’m saying?”

Arrest me. Take me,” he concluded before bursting out laughing.

As previously reported by REVOLT, during the panel, Boosie also revealed that he and Webbie a new project on the way after tensions in the past. The two were known for collaborating on early 2000s hit singles like “Independent,” “Swerve,” “How You Ridin'” and more. “We working on it, bruh. Right now, we’re sending each other records. But I wanna get in there together and get that vibe. You know what I’m saying?” the rapper responded when one of the hosts asked if he and Webbie would ever work together again.

On Tuesday (Oct. 4), Boosie called out Kanye West after the fellow rapper sparked controversy during Paris Fashion Week when he unveiled a “white lives matter” shirt in his Yeezy Season 9 fashion show. “[DAMN] @kanyewest [YOU] JUST GOING TO KEEP USING YOUR PLATFORM TO S**T ON YOUR OWN RACE LIKE THIS? THIS [IS] SAD! [AND] the Black people who still support you [are] even sadder! LAST TIME SPEAKING ON THIS [clown]. #KanyeWestDoesntLikeBlackPeople DO US A FAVOR [AND] BLEACH YOUR SKIN ALL WHITE! Thanks,” Boosie tweeted.