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  /  09.21.2022

Teyana Taylor is all about Black love and has shown us what a successful, healthy relationship looks like with her marriage to Iman Shumpert. Now, the R&B crooner is here to guide you to your happily ever after with her new Bumble show “Luv2SeeIt,” a six-episode series documenting the authentic stories of the Black dating experience. 

Boasting guests like Jidenna, Lori Harvey and Joey Bada$$, Taylor chats with a slew of Black artists, actors, athletes and entrepreneurs about topics such as dating as a non-binary person, polyamory and open relationships, sex and intimacy, dating profile red flags, dating after loss, and more. Taylor’s production company, The Aunties, produced and directed the show while developing the project in partnership with Black-owned creative agency 19th & Park. 

The multihyphenate creative spoke with REVOLT in an exclusive interview about the series, what her nonnegotiable would be if she were on dating apps again, and a dating taboo she would like to normalize. Get into our conversation below.

What’s your ultimate goal with your new Bumble series “Luv2SeeIt”? 

We wanted to shine a light on dating topics for the Black community in a way that was open, candid, and real. There hasn’t been much representation showcasing how multifaceted Black love can be. Through the series, we had conversations that ranged from dating in a polyamorous relationship to what it’s like coming out as pansexual. I also learned a lot throughout my conversations with strangers and friends alike — dating styles, sexuality, dating boundaries, and more. I hope the people watching the series learn just as much as I did. 

How much fun do you have in the interviewer role vs. being the interviewee? 

I loved it! Although I was “interviewing” people, I wanted these conversations to be authentic and genuine — like the viewer was sitting in the room with us. Of course, I had my Bumble cue cards, but I loved how those prompts guided the conversation more than anything else. 

Is there a lesson from one of your “Luv2SeeIt” guests that you’ve learned and that may apply to you and Iman? 

That’s a tough question because I learned so much throughout this entire series. If you watch the series, you can see that I’m very open about what I did and didn’t know, such as in Jidenna’s episode where I said straight up in the beginning that I didn’t fully understand polyamory and had so many questions to ask. I learned from that particular episode that dating and relationships don’t need to be black or white. Jidenna shared that he’s lived the polyamorous lifestyle but is currently in a monogamous relationship. I love that. Your relationship can evolve and grow based on your needs and desires as long as you communicate openly with your partner. 

If you were back on the dating scene using Bumble, what would you have on your profile that would attract potential suitors? 

I would build my profile out. Talking to my friends on dating apps, they always say less is not more. Bumble has these interest badges that you can add to your profile, too, so you can see what a person is into before you connect with them – whether it’s dancing, being open-minded, dogs or ambition.

What would be a nonnegotiable for Teyana Taylor on a dating app? 

Bumble has these options where you can share what you’re looking for on your profile. So, if I was in a space where I was looking for something casual, but I saw that someone was looking for marriage, that would be a red flag because I know from the beginning that we’re not aligned on our dating intentions.

What tips can you share for single people on the hunt to find a significant other to prepare them as they navigate the dating scene? 

Go at your own pace. So many people think that they need to meet “the one” or “their person” by a certain time in their life. In some of these episodes, you’ll see that isn’t necessarily true. In an upcoming episode, I talk to Niecy and Dia Nash – and Niecy’s story is so beautiful because she didn’t marry her wife, [Jessica Betts], until 2020 when she had an incredible career and three children. When people get tunnel vision about finding “their person,” it can quickly burn them out from dating. Bumble is cool because they have Snooze Mode, which lets people take a pause and hide their profile from other people until they’re ready to date again. No matter how much time you need, you should take it. Dating should be fun, not burn you out.

Are there any dating taboos you would love for people to normalize?

When I sat down with Madison Bailey, we talked about how she came out as pansexual, and we discussed how it shouldn’t matter who you’re with or what the “label” is. The only thing that matters is how the other person makes you feel. Nowadays, people have so many requirements where someone needs to check off one box after another, but loving freely is a beautiful thing. 


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