Apple TV+ has released a new docuseries featuring Hillary and daughter Chelsea Clinton as the hosts. The show, titled “Gutsy,” shows the duo traveling the country, stopping to speak to iconic women along the way. Guests include ladies like Kim Kardashian, Amy Schumer, Wanda Sykes and Megan Thee Stallion.

“Gutsy” premiered Friday (Sept. 9), but social media is thoroughly entertained with Hillary’s story behind how she found out who Megan Thee Stallion is. As the chart-topping artist painted in a garden with the politician and her daughter, interesting details were shared. Hillary revealed that while Chelsea has always followed rap music, it was fairly recently that the former first lady learned about the Houston hottie. “I kind of came into awareness of you with the Cardi B ‘WAP,'” Hillary said to Megan.

Megan shared that male rappers always seemed so confident discussing their sexuality in their lyrics, which compelled her to do the same. Chelsea added, “It’s great to see women be so kind of fierce.” Before the show debuted, Hillary spoke with People about the series. She admitted that at first she didn’t know how to react to the hit song because she’s from a “much different generation.” Hillary revealed that she “admired the audacity and the kind of agency that both of those young women were exhibiting, ‘Here I am. Here’s what I want to say, and either like it or not.’ I did respond to that.”

Fans were surprised to learn that Hillary supports the song. One person tweeted, “Hillary Clinton bumping ‘WAP’ is wild.” Another wrote, “Hillary Clinton and Megan Thee Stallion painting in a garden talking about ‘WAP’ is so unreal that I am now 100 percent convinced we’re in a simulation. (I’m OK with it, though.)”

Others weren’t so impressed. “PANDERING ALERT: Hillary Clinton discussing ‘WAP’ with Megan Thee Stallion. No word yet on where she has her bottle of hot sauce stashed.” Check out the trailer for “Gutsy,” plus a few funny tweets below.