In Nov. 2022, Sony Music and Michael Jackson’s estate will observe the 40th anniversary of the late icon’s classic Thriller album by releasing Thriller 40, a double CD set comprised of the original album and a second disc. According to the announcement made back in May, the release will be “full of surprises for fans, including never-released tracks which were worked on by Michael for the Thriller album.”

Today (Aug. 29), the exciting update arrived that Thriller 40 is now officially available for pre-order. Also, the titles of the ten bonus tracks will be revealed one at a time, starting after Labor Day with the last track being revealed just before release date, Nov. 18. The double CD set consists of Jackson’s original masterpiece and a bonus CD of rarities and demos.

The release of Thriller 40 commemorates one of the most commercially successful albums of all-time. Pop up events and worldwide activations are also planned to honor Jackson’s work and additional details are to come. Thriller won eight Grammy Awards and changed the frontiers of pop music and music videos forever. The body of work also has spent more than 500 weeks on the Billboard 200 and has sold over 100 million units since its release on Nov. 30, 1982.

For the U.S., Walmart will sell an exclusive version of the original Thriller album featuring an alternate 40th anniversary cover. Target will have an exclusive version of the original album with a special Thriller 40 vinyl slip mat. Both versions will also be available outside the U.S. through various retailers. Pre-orders can be made here.