Over the weekend, DDG shared his brand new single “If I Want You” and made sure the following accompanying music video included an extra special touch. The Reel Goats-directed visual stars Halle Bailey, a fellow artist and his girlfriend of about seven months. Featuring intimate scenes and even some intense underwater shots, the clip’s soundtrack is provided by DDG’s honest bars:

Slidin’ down the Heenys, damn, low-key, you know you wasn’t turnt, you should’ve told me/ We was talkin’ every day, but I got cold feet, you hand me on, I help you miss the old me/ Been in and out the city, makin’ plays (Plays), so busy, losin’ track of time, and mixin’ up my days/ I call you when I’m lonely, I come over, never stay, you sellin’ me intention, but I’m cheap, I never pay

You know what it is, bills, trips, tips, if I want you, yeah, yeah, uh/ Baby, don’t tease, slide, deep, ‘tween, if I want you, yeah/ Eight degrees in the ‘Falls, then your heart froze, you so out of reach, and you doin’ the most/ You know what it is, bills, trips, tips, if I want you, yeah, ayy, yeah, yeah

It’s safe to say the onscreen chemistry is real. In an interview from earlier this month, Bailey revealed that she is “for sure” in love with DDG. The 22-year-old also opened up about how they started dating, recalling that she initially became aware of him on YouTube in 2015 and loved his content. “I grew up being on YouTube and would always see the young Black creators and was constantly inspired by them. He was one of them,” Bailey said.

Be sure to press play on DDG’s brand new “If I Want You” music video down below.