Black Twitter is reminding Ginuwine just how important he is to the culture following videos from a recent show that have turned him into the latest meme sensation.

The 46-year-old started trending on social media after showcasing his dance moves during a recent show in Georgia. It wasn’t long before he caught onto the fact that his performance caused him to be the talk of the town. “I was shooting TV stuff in Vegas that you will see in October … but couldn’t respond to a lot of this internet cyber stuff,” wrote the “Pony” crooner in a post on Instagram. “Phone been ringing, blogs calling, friends calling. WOW.”

Furthermore, the R&B legend says he didn’t realize that folks were still checking for him, but expressed that he is flattered by the reminder. “And for those who know me you already know I’m defiant as f**k so letsgetit!!!!” Ginuwine continued. “I see I gotta stop calling myself the ole man lol. I didn’t know I was still even newsworthy. Funny or not, my homies always tell me, you don’t understand who you are G. Wow! Ok, now I do, so it’s on. Thank ya’ll indeed.”

Twitter users quickly reminded him that while the memes have been hilarious, Ginuwine has always been that guy, noting that he is a gift to the culture. “Ginuwine put in more than enough sexy hours and made 4 damn near flawless albums in his prime,” said one person. “He’s earned the right to look goofy on stage as an elder.” “All jokes aside (and there are many), Ginuwine seems nice,” said another user. “It’s almost like he doesn’t recognize how important he is.” Someone else revealed that hearing the “So Anxious” singer question being “newsworthy” broke their heart.

Check out the responses to Ginuwine from the culture below.