Back in April, PJ Morton unveiled his Watch The Sun album. Across a collection of 11 original songs that showcase Morton’s songwriting and production, Watch The Sun features a long list of special appearances from Stevie Wonder, Jill Scott, Chronixx, JoJo, Mr. Talkbox, Nas, Wale, Alex Isley, El DeBarge, Zacardi Cortez, Gene Moore, Samoht, Tim Rogers, and Darrel “MusiqCity” Walls.

Over the weekend, Morton returned to share the latest music video from the project, this time for the Jill Scott and Alex Isley-assisted “Still Believe.” In the new visual, Morton recreates the magical studio session that birthed the song as the soulful lyrics play:

What I want? You’re asking me what I want now? Wow/ What I want, is to like you love you again like when we were friends/ I want the promises we made to flow smooth my dude ’cause we’re all abrasive now like sand paper and glass slippers/ We don’t stop to consider us, we’re taking the low blows and we ignore each other/ We’re just different, our love is fading and I don’t know if I wanna remember

Look at all the damage done, I wondеr can it all be undone, it’s seems that we triеd everything we could but things still seem to be misunderstood/ What a mess we’ve made, didn’t realize it was so wrong/ Now I’m losing the greatest love I’ve ever known

Morton also earned a Grammy award earlier this year for Album Of The Year, honoring his contributions to Jon Batiste’s We Are. The accomplishment marks his fourth consecutive Grammy, adding to wins for Best Gospel Album in 2021, Best R&B Song in 2020, and Best Traditional R&B Performance in 2019.

Be sure to press play on PJ Morton’s brand new “Still Believe” music video featuring Jill Scott and Alex Isley down below.