Last month, DJ Premier curated and shared his DJ Premier: Hip Hop 50 Volume 1 EP. The project is a five-song body of work produced entirely by the legendary tastemaker while also boasting collaborations with Lil Wayne, Nas, Remy Ma, Rapsody, Joey Bada$$, Slick Rick, and Run The Jewels. Today (Aug. 11), in celebration of hip hop’s 49th birthday, he circles back to drop the project’s first visual, the Maya Table-directed music video for “Remy Rap.” Equipped with features from Remy Ma and Rapsody, the song honors the women killing it in the rap game, specifically reminiscing on Remy’s impact:

No lie, it’s only like five females in the game that can really rap, got followers and fame and a name so they thinking that/ They can now be listed with the spitters, b**ch, imagine that, they talking ’bout your lace front when I say your s**t is wiggity-wack/ They know what’s gon’ happen to they a** if Remy on the track and no, I ain’t tryna be catty, they know they really lack

You a**ed out without your a** out, and that’s really facts but if I say it, I’m a hater, I hear the chitter chat/ They know that my pen is crazy but they don’t wanna give me that, every time I spit some s**t, they saying that it’s really Pap’/ Claim I can’t make a song but actually that’s really cap, had ’em: ‘Conceited,’ ‘All The Way Up,’ and ‘Leanin’ Back’, I know they be popping s**t, she only hot when Remy crack

Outside of his own releases, DJ Premier can be heard on recent collaborations like Benny The Butcher’s “Times Is Rough” track featuring BSF.

Be sure to press play on DJ Premier’s brand new music video for “Remy Rap” featuring Remy Ma and Rapsody down below.