Over the weekend, footage surfaced of Ying Yang Twins member D-Roc being carried off of a stage during the group’s performance. The concert took place at the Ozark Empire Fair in Springfield, Missouri. At the time of the incident, the “Whistle While You Twurk” rappers were performing at a show headlined by Vanilla Ice.

Yesterday (July 31), D-Roc shared a message on the group’s official Instagram account. “Thank you to everyone that has called, messaged, or reached out in any way to check up on me. I’m doing good. #Ontario CA we’ll be seeing you on Saturday for the 00s Playlist Concert,” the post was captioned. Along with his message was a video explaining what happened. “This ya’ boy D-Roc from the Ying Yang Twins. I wanna thank everybody for their concern. But let me tell you what went on Friday night (July 29), ‘cause that’s when it happened,” he began.

“It was 84 degrees outside, yes. But on stage, it made the temperature rise. So I was getting dehydrated. The only thing ya’ll seen was the fall,” the “Salt Shaker” rapper said. “I kept on telling my manager, ‘Look, it’s very hot up here.’ I kept drinking water and then next thing I know, I woke up on the golf cart. The paramedics was right there and they said I was dehydrated. I [drank] a lot of Gatorade and water and got some sleep,” he shared. D-Roc assured fans that he is doing just fine, adding that he even performed again the next day.

The post contained a video of group members Kaine and D-Roc performing their 2002 hit “Say I Yi Yi.” An excited crowd is seen dancing and singing almost every lyric of the popular song. Next week, the group is set to perform in London for “The Millennium Tour,” according to their Instagram account. The show was originally scheduled for 2021, but due to a rescheduling issue, it will happen on Aug. 10 at the O2 Arena.