Today (July 27), in honor of Young Dolph’s heavenly 37th birthday, Paper Route Empire has just shared Dolph’s first posthumous single, “Hall of Fame.” The accompanying visual opens up with a little kid watching the news as the sentence “Young Dolph is immortalized in the Hall of Fame” flashes across the screen. Then, over a hard-hitting beat crafted by Bandplay, Dolph raps about how his impact and reputation will live on forever:

They say I’m showin’ out, they say I should be ashamed/ I don’t do it for the clout, bitch I do it for the game/ You could walk in any trap, and I bet they know my name/ Frank Matthews of the South, put me in the Hall of Fame

Added to my bank account, bitch and you can keep the fame/ I met my bitch one day and the next her life was never the same/ Told you your family my family but all of your friends ain’t my friends/ Now here take the keys to this Benz, I remember back when I ain’t had nothing, yeah, I’m a boss till the end

Since Dolph’s tragic passing last November, his Paper Route Empire team has continued to keep his legacy alive through music. In January, the label shared their Long Live Young Dolph compilation album, which was an eight-track tribute to their late head honcho.

Mia Jaye, the mother of Dolph’s children, also penned a letter today to share how much the family misses his presence. “This is the year that our favorite numbers come together. Three and seven,” she wrote. “This is also the first year we don’t have the opportunity to celebrate you together. Over the past eight months, life has been strange. Our beautiful family is blemished and myself, Tre, and Ari can’t go a day without reminiscing how beautiful life was with you.”

Be sure to press play on Young Dolph’s brand new “Hall of Fame” visualizer down below.