Just yesterday (July 25), Lori Harvey officially announced that she has signed with IMG Models and WME. She excitedly shared the news on Instagram with the caption: “My dream agency! Excited to be part of the fam.”

The 25-year-old model and entrepreneur had been busy within the last few years working on the launch of her very own skin care brand, Skn by LH. Harvey has also been a trendsetter in the fashion and beauty industry, recently taking the stage at Essence Fest this year as a panelist, serving on the committee for Miss Universe 2021, and attending the 2022 Met Gala with Michael Kors.

“It’s a dream to work with IMG Models and WME,” Harvey said in an exclusive statement to WWD about her new modeling contract. “I’m so excited for what this next chapter holds and am looking forward to expanding my business ventures across fashion, TV, film and entertainment.”

The modeling agency is reportedly looking to help Harvey expand her portfolio with endorsements within lifestyle in beauty, fashion advertising, and editorial work. According to the company, their main focus will be on her business across “television, digital content, acting, producing and beyond.”

In tandem with signing new deals, Harvey is also being more vocal about controlling her own narrative. “Before, I have been more so quiet and let the media run with whatever story they’ve felt like running with and didn’t give it any attention; no confirmation, no denial, no anything,” Harvey said in a recent interview. “Now that I’m getting older and coming into my own and starting my businesses, I want to take control of my narrative. I want to let people get to know me — who I really am, not necessarily who people think I am.”