Issa Rae hasn’t closed the door on “Insecure” just yet. For five seasons the show and its all-Black cast kept audiences in a chokehold with storylines of drama, and life lessons and good music.

Now, it seems Rae is giving the idea of entertaining a spinoff some serious consideration. “It’s not what people may think but, yes, I still am exploring an idea and I haven’t written it yet,” Rae said while speaking with Angela Yee at ESSENCE Fest (July 1).

But before fans get too excited about a spinoff being on the distant horizon, Rae was quick to share she is currently booked and busy with other projects. “I have other things that are more of a priority right now but, I really do wanna make it happen,” said the actress.

The show starring Rae as Issa Dee went off airwaves after 44 episodes on Dec. 26. The series finale had fans in shambles as it provided closure and happy endings for each of the leading characters. For some, the ending felt as though it came to soon. But for Rae, it seemed like the perfect time to close out the successful show.

“I talked to [showrunner Prentice Penny] about it and he was like, ‘How long do you want to go?’ I was like, ‘Five,’ and he said, ‘OK, that’s about right,'” said Rae last year while speaking with the hosts of “The Breakfast Club.” She continued, “It felt that it’s the right amount of time to tell a concise story. I like shows that I can watch with endings. I like to leave when I feel at my high. Don’t overstay your welcome is a big motto.”

While Issa Dee and crew may be done…for now, Rae still has another series in store for fans. On July 21, her new show “Rap Sh!t” premieres on HBO.