Today (July 8), August 08 unveils his brand new EP Towards The Moon, a direct follow-up to his Towards The Sun project that made landfall back in May. A standout moment on the new body of work is its “Water Sign” outro, a Jhené Aiko-assisted song that highlights people with Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio placements. On the track, the duo comes together effortlessly as they sing about the elements:

Oh, my water sign, come just like the wind at night, feisty like a fire sign, no, I don’t mind, I don’t mind/ Water sign, kiss me ’til I soar to skies, failing’s free so take your time, I don’t mind, I don’t mind, my water sign/ Spin off the line and your smile is as bright as the moon (As the moon)

Keep you close in your ways, keep you safe, that’s what I’ll, that’s what I’ll do (At night) pray for the day that you notice I been here for you (Uh-huh)/ Look, what they say? I don’t give a damn, I want you (Oh, my) my water sign, come just like the wind at night/

Jhené also took a moment to praise August and his skillset. “August is an incredible writer, singer and artist whose music speaks to me on so many levels,” said Jhené. “As a fellow Los Angeles native, I am so proud of him. August’s talent, love for songwriting and hands on approach with his art is something I can relate to and have a great amount of respect for. It was a natural evolution of our friendship and musical collaboration to have him become the first artist signed to ALLEL Sound. I couldn’t be more excited to work with August.”

Be sure to press play on August 08’s brand new song “Water Sign” with Jhené Aiko down below.