At this point in time, if you are still sleeping on Westside Gunn’s greatness by choice, you may need to be evaluated at your nearest mental institution. The quality of work the Griselda titan has released over the last decade and thensome has truly been some of the best type of hip hop brought to the table. Being the fashion icon he is (he is nicknamed the FLY GOD for a reason), that only adds substance to his work in the studio — whether he’s spitting some luxurious, gritty bars or curating the sound for his comrades. Today (July 8), the Buffalo artist saves the day with his latest creation Peace Fly God, with the help of Madlib & Camoflauge Monk.

One thing about WSG, he knows his worth and always has. He also knows how important he is to the culture and always stands on that regardless what others may think. Often times, he’ll take to social media to reassure fans that he knows he’s the GOAT and nobody is really seeing him when it comes to this music and fashion shit.

The 10-track mixtape was made in only two days and he didn’t even want it mixed and mastered because he wanted to “keep that shit grimey af.” To be clear, Peace Fly God is not the album, Westside Gunn described the project as an art piece before Michelle Records. Without a doubt, this will hold fans over until then. Featuring riveting talent like Stovegod Cooks, Estee Mack & CVV Vino, the Fly God has done it again!

Check out Peace Fly God now.