Today (July 6), sources say Robert Crimo, the father of the alleged Highland Park shooter Robert “Bobby” Crimo III, helped his son obtain a gun permit in 2020. The father reportedly sponsored his son to get a firearm owner’s identification card, also known as FOID. The documentation was necessary in order for the suspect to purchase a semi-automatic weapon. As previously reported by REVOLT, in 2019, the accused gunman threatened to stab his family to death. Police confiscated over a dozen knives, including a sword and dagger. No arrests were made.

New reports also revealed that in 2019, the suspect expressed plans to kill himself. Crimo III was able to legally obtain the weapons used in the Fourth of July mass shooting because despite his prior run-ins with law enforcement, his family never filed charges against him. His record appeared to be clear other than a minor ordinance violation in 2020. Crimo III allegedly posted a series of disturbing posts on social media as well. In at least two animated music videos posted under the name Awake the Rapper, the suspect allegedly showed a character that resembled him carrying out acts of violence with guns. Yesterday (July 5), Newsweek reported that one of the videos contained images of the character “lying in a pool of blood” after being shot by police.

Following Monday’s (July 4) deadly attack in Highland Park, President Biden issued a statement. “​​Jill and I are shocked by the senseless gun violence that has yet again brought grief to an American community this Independence Day,” he began. “As always, we are grateful for the first responders and law enforcement on the scene. I will not give up fighting the epidemic of gun violence,” he continued in a tweet. Crimo III now faces seven counts of first-degree murder along with other charges. He is scheduled to appear in court this week.