A huge manhunt is underway following this morning’s Fourth of July shooting during a parade in Highland Park. News outlets continue to gather more information and so far, at least six people have been confirmed dead and 24 have been injured. Highland Park police Commander Chris O’Neill told reporters that a high-powered rifle has been recovered and that police are searching for a white man between the ages of 18 and 20 with long black hair. Officials believe that the gunman was shooting from a rooftop. The suspect has since been identified as Robert “Bobby” E. Crimo III.

Large events like parades typically have a heavy law enforcement presence. The Highland Park parade was no different and was supported by police officers and fire personnel. Luckily, officials on the scene were able to react swiftly shortly after gunshots began terrorizing parade-goers. They promptly pursued the shooter who fired from an elevated position which caused him to stop and flee the scene. Lake County Sheriff’s Deputy Chief Christopher Covelli told reporters “It does appear that he was shooting from a roof.” Officers on the scene were scavenging through the aftermath around Central Avenue near Green Bay Road and Second Street.

Police don’t believe the shooter is hiding and is to be considered armed and dangerous. “He was discreet and very difficult to see,” Covelli added. Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rotering showed her gratitude to police officers for their quick response. “Our community has been terrorized by an act of violence that’s shaken us to our core,” she said. According to U.S. Census data, out of 30,000 residents of the affluent Chicago suburb more than 75% of people 25 and older have a college degree. In the aftermath of the tragedy, any prospective Fourth of July celebrations in other Chicago suburbs have been immediately canceled.

“There’s a lot of communities that are not looking forward to celebrating after something like this happens right in their backyard,” Covelli said.

See information about the mass shooting suspect, identified as Robert “Bobby” E. Crimo below.