Today’s 4th of July celebration at Highland Park in Chicago, IL ended in gunfire and chaos, as reportedly multiple people were shot. NBC reported that there are six people dead and at least 24 others have been hospitalized. The shooter remains at large and any scheduled holiday celebrations have been canceled.

The parade began at approximately 10 a.m. and gunshots rang off just 10 minutes into the festivities. Several participants and attendees took to social media to share videos of the chaotic scene that left everyone in a panic. Officials have also been very active on Twitter with updates as they continue to develop. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office took to Twitter to update people in the area, saying they were assisting Highland Park Police “with a shooting in the area of the Independence Day parade route.”

Thankfully, the event already had a strong law enforcement presence. Police officers were able to respond quickly with rifles and other firearms as parade-goers fled for safety amidst what appears to be another mass shooting. Pictures of the scene show lawn chairs, baby strollers and blankets were left behind in an attempt to take cover.

According to one Chicago Sun-Times reporter, he saw blankets covering three bodies that appeared to be bloodied and five other people wounded and bloodied near the parade’s reviewing stand. Numerous witness accounts said they heard multiple shots fired. One attendee said he heard and counted over 20 shots. State Rep. Bob Morgan shared via Twitter that there has been multiple injuries and encouraged people to avoid the area.

Stay tuned as updates continue to develop.