A never-before-seen video of 17-year-old Frank Ocean was released earlier this month by a former John Ehret student named Daymond Burdit. The clip was then shared on Twitter by music journalist Brenton Blanchet. Since the video hit social media, it has gained over 2K retweets and over 22,000 likes.

It’s been quite some time since fans have heard a full project let alone new music from Frank Ocean, but this extremely rare video seems to have come to light right on time. The clip shows Frank Ocean, whose real name is Christopher Breaux, bellowing his school’s alma mater in front of the Class of 2005 during their graduation ceremony at John Ehret High School in Marrero, Louisiana.

Ocean takes the podium shortly after being introduced by a classmate displaying the singing talent that fans swoon over today. The same talent that has turned Frank Ocean into the R&B sensation of his generation. In an 2019 interview with W Magazine, Ocean reflected on his high school experience and admitted that he wasn’t too fond of authority.

“I didn’t have a deep affection for authority,” he said. “I was expelled and suspended it felt like every five minutes, every school year until I became obsessed with figuring out how to make a career in music. And that interest fostered a different mentality. I think it was also around the transition to becoming a teenager, and I got really calm. My mom comments on that fairly often. I feel like I still had a lot of inner chaos, but I didn’t express it the same way. So that probably was noticeable.”

The viral video also brought new discoveries to light about Ocean’s high school experience like the fact that R&B singer Lucky Daye, who is also from Louisiana, attended John Ehret High School as well.

Check out the clip below that will surely lead to a Frank Ocean jam session.

Footage of Frank Ocean singing at his high school graduation has surfaced on YouTube 17 years later. pic.twitter.com/dyeeAn8EUx