Diddy is officially back on the music scene with his first new solo release in over seven years, and he’s feeling better than ever about it. Today (June 17), the legendary mogul presents his latest single “Gotta Move On.” Equipped with an assist from Bryson Tiller, the new R&B-heavy record was initially previewed earlier this year at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards and speaks on keeping it pushing after a break up:

I tried, I tried to give it all to you baby, brand new Mercedes, a newborn baby, yeah, and I told you your love too lazy (No)/ All you had to do was love me, baby, yeah, and it get so frustrating, yeah/ Why you wanna go and text me baby? Yeah degrade me and tell me I’m failing/

Keep tellin’ me things I do not, done tryin’ with me, done fightin’ with mе, yeah/ Gave you a ring, I was goin’ off the deep еnd (Hey, yeah) DeLeón, my drink for the weekend, sent you some things, yeah, when I was done drinkin’

Prior to the single’s release, Diddy took to Instagram to share his excitement. “I’m finally dropping new music, it’s been a minute,” he says. “I’m dropping after seven years. I’m in my bag. I’m in my R&B bop. I’m in my groove and I’m in my pocket. I’m droppin’ a smash tomorrow. I’ve been waiting for this shit for a long time, to get the frequency back, to get the bop back, that energy back.”

He also delved a bit into what the song means to him and his co-star, mentioning that “Gotta Move On” helped them both get through a tough time in their love lives. “I made a song with Bryson Tiller. It helped him through his break up and it helped me through my last break up. It’s called ‘Gotta Move On.’ Sometimes you just gotta move on. That’s what the record is about. Keep it pushin. Keep it motherfuckin’ pushin’,” he continued.

Be sure to press play on “Gotta Move On” by Diddy featuring Bryson Tiller.