Since his arrival back in 2010, Maryland rapper Logic has been applying some heavy pressure with his pen and the bars. Throughout his underrated mixtape catalog alone, Bobby has proven himself to be one of the illest rappers but often gets overlooked or undermined due to him being biracial. In these instances, some folks tend to think it’s sweet when it is the complete opposite and Logic has defied all odds set against him throughout his career. From the haters to his long tenure with Def Jam, the 32-year-old is clearly built for this and he puts that on display with every release. Today (Jun 17), the No Pressure rapper drops off his seventh studio album Vinyl Days.

Vinyl Days serves as Logic’s final release on Def Jam after almost a decade on the storied rap label. In April, the lyricist put the company on blast for “fucking up” the release of “Decades” and “Tetris,” which he wanted to drop as a two-song EP. “Def Jam, why you fucking up my releases, man?” he said in an Instagram video. “What the fuck is going on, man?! I told Def Jam that I wanted to release my shit as a two-pack and I just found out that they’re releasing it as two singles at the same time. What kind of shit is that?

Laced with a riveting 30 records, Vinyl Days includes some stellar features from Action Bronson, Curren$y, Russ, RZA, Royce Da 5’9, The Game, Wiz Khalifa and more!

Tap in to Vinyl Days now and catch a vibe.