This month, Logic will officially unveil his brand new project Vinyl Days, and until then, he will be dropping off a single every week to prepare fans for its grand arrival on June 17. As promised, Logic already fired off the album’s official title track as well as other cuts like ““Therapy Music” featuring Russ and “Orville” Blu & Exile and Like.

Today (June 10), Logic returns with his latest single, “Breath Control.” On the track, Logic joins forces with Wiz Khalifa, who opens up the song to set the tone:

Everything that I have, I’m thankin’ God for it now, I’m takin’ all of my trees, proceed to breakin’ it down/ Though we’re fuckin’ with ground levels, we in the clouds, stay reclinin’ my seat, smokin’ lean in the back/ Livin’ like rock and roll but still doing this rap music, movin’ through stats, always movin’ the crowd/ If Wiz Khalifa’s on your campus, then I’m probably smokin’ loud

With a banger comin’ out, talkin’ bout, keep your cool so we don’t hear the hate and doubt/ They just mad ’cause they ain’t make it to the clouds/ Tried they best but they just ain’t gettin’ accounted for, we ain’t goin’ back and forth, I ain’t just start

Just a few weeks ago, Logic made a big return with not one, but two new singles for his fans to enjoy. The first was the 6ix-produced “Decades,” which sees him giving thanks to his higher power for his success. Next was “Tetris,” a more boastful number that’s full of the rewind-worthy lyricism. Logic’s last project was Bobby Tarantino III, his 2021 project that served as the third installment of his fan-favorite series. That project included a sole feature from Cynthia Erivo.

Be sure to press play on the brand new “Breath Control” single by Logic featuring Wiz Khalifa down below.