As previously reported by REVOLT, in February 2019, rapper 21 Savage was arrested and detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.

Savage, born Shéyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, was heavily affiliated with the Atlanta rap scene, which led many to believe he was born there, however, the “Bank Account” artist was “unlawfully present” in the U.S. on a 2005 visa that expired, according to officials.

The “Runnin” rapper is from the United Kingdom –London, to be exact. Reports say he came to America with his parents at 7 years old.

At the time of the arrest, JAY-Z called it an “absolute travesty.”

In a new episode of “My Expert Opinion” with Math Hoffa that debuted this week, Savage opened up on how fellow industry heavyweights JAY-Z and Meek Mill helped get him out of ICE.

“I didn’t get deported. I got detained. And they detained me because they said I had felony conviction, but the felony conviction got dismissed,” the hitmaker said. He was reportedly speaking about a case from 2014 in which he was arrested on drug charges that would later be expunged from his record.

He continued, “And I called Meek while I was in jail and told Meek, ‘Bro, I just got locked up.’ He called JAY-Z, and JAY-Z put a lawyer on my case. He played a role in getting me out. He ain’t just doing that shit for anybody just cause you rap. You gotta be from a certain cloth.” He added, “I don’t feel like he’s just doing that for anybody. I ain’t Roc Nation or none of that shit.”

Savage spent a week in ICE custody before being released on bond.

Tomorrow (June 10), he is set to be featured on Pharrell’s new single “Cash in Cash Out” with Tyler, the Creator.

Here’s a look at other highlights from the interview.