The relationship between music industry veteran Kevin Liles and Young Thug runs deep. During a bond hearing on Thursday (June 2), Liles took the stand to speak about his connection to the Atlanta-bred emcee who was indicted on 56 counts of RICO charges last month (May 10).

“I’ve been a fan for 12 years,” said Liles when asked how long he has known Young Thug, whose real name is Jeffery Lamar Williams. “I’ve gotten to know him personally over the last 10 years.”

At one point, Liles got emotional and reflected on how the Young Stoner Life label, that he partnered with Young Thug to build, has changed the lives of many people, including his.

“I’m kind of emotional because of how good this guy is,” Liles expressed. “I’ve been in this music thing called hip hop for 38 years and for the life of me, I don’t understand why I have to testify of the good that hip hop has done around the world. I have also started a company with Jeffery called Young Stoner Life and I remember what he said to me, ‘We’re not just starting a company, we’re gonna change some lives.’ And that’s what he’s done and he’s definitely changed mine.”

The presiding judge laid out the cost associated with the case and asked if the rapper could afford it.

“There’s been a testimony. That if this trial, and I’m not saying that the court would even allow it, but if it does take place for a year there’d be over a million dollars in expenses just for 24 hours of security of off-duty police officers to ensure that Mr. Williams does not flee,” said the judge. “Can he afford, from your personal knowledge and how much money he earns, can you all afford that type of undertaking?”

Liles said that not only can Young Thug afford it, but he’s willing to put his money up too.

“Jeffery can afford it and I can afford it so it will be paid for,” Liles continued. “I’m willing to back him both personally and professionally.”