Next month, Logic will officially unveil his brand new project Vinyl Days, and until then, he will be dropping off a single every week to prepare fans for its grand arrival on June 17. As promised, Logic already fired off the album’s official title track as well as “Therapy Music” featuring Russ.

Today (May 27), Logic returns with his latest single “Orville” Blu & Exile and Like. On the track, all four flows come together as one as the song takes listeners along on the wild ride of emotions:

Bitch, I orphan you, shapeshift and morph into your mom/ Slit your throat and make it look like she’s the one that committed the crime/ You know I’m too committed to rhyme since my first show in Chicago, never throwin’ shade, we keepin’ it light like vitiligo/ Chain around my neck glisten like El Dorado/ Can’t fuck bitches with baggage, you married a ho with cargo

Bitches be jumpin’ ship word to Argo, if you don’t understand that line, no need for an apology/ You stupid motherfucker, I’m referencin’ Greek mythology, I never went to college, and made millions while you pissed like you majored in urology/ Now logically, I’m the top MC, how dare you got the nerve

Just a few weeks ago, Logic made a big return with not one, but two new singles for his fans to enjoy. The first was the 6ix-produced “Decades,” which sees him giving thanks to his higher power for his success. Next was “Tetris,” a more boastful number that’s full of the rewind-worthy lyricism. Logic’s last project was Bobby Tarantino III, his 2021 project that served as the third installment of his fan-favorite series. That project included a sole feature from Cynthia Erivo.

Be sure to press play on Logic’s brand new single “Orville.”