Next month, Logic will officially unveil his brand new project Vinyl Days, and until then, he will be dropping off a single every week to prepare fans for its grand arrival on June 17. As promised, Logic returns today May 20 with a brand new offering, the album’s official title track. Equipped with assistance from hip hop titan DJ Premier, “Vinyl Days” sees Logic delivering a bar-heavy flow with no hook in between:

All I need is one mic, one pen, one page to ignite, subject matter heavy but the flow is MC Lyte/ You mad as fuck, all you see is red like a conservative, all the critics do is talk, I’m really not concerned with it/ Hella tired and we can make your residency permanent, several shots, they tyin’ up your body with a tourniquet

Let it rock, it’s obvious that he don’t know who turn it is, keep my circle tight-knit ’cause people move deceitful/ Money and greed will expose you to the root of evil, already proved myself, not worried ’bout who’s my equal/ Far from an Anti-vaxxer but I moved the needle, she got me wonderin’ if what I do is legal

Just a few weeks ago, Logic made a big return with not one, but two new singles for his fans to enjoy. The first was the 6ix-produced “Decades,” which sees him giving thanks to his higher power for his success. Next was “Tetris,” a more boastful number that’s full of the rewind-worthy lyricism.

Most recently, he continued that momentum with “Therapy Music” featuring Russ. Prior to those recent releases was Bobby Tarantino III, his 2021 project that served as the third installment of his fan-favorite series. That project included a sole feature from Cynthia Erivo.

Be sure to press play on “Vinyl Days” by Logic down below.