As previously reported by REVOLT, accused gunman Frank R. James has been indicted for allegedly carrying out an attack in a Brooklyn subway on April 12.

New reports state that a woman who has asked to be identified only by her last name of Flores is now being being threatened with deportation due to her immigration status after helping authorities identify James.

Flores was on the train when the attack happened and recorded video of the incident with her phone. Despite being an undocumented immigrant from Mexico, she still did her part to help seek justice for the victims and turned her phone over to police to catch the gunman.

Francisco Puebla is another undocumented immigrant who was in the area at the time of the attack and was able to give authorities information on the crime. Puebla is the manager at Saifee Hardware and Garden store and happened to be installing security cameras at the very moment that James walked past.

The police were alerted and James was then arrested.

The New York Times spoke with the lawyers of Flores and Puebla, who stated that they are trying to get visas intended for victims, witnesses and informants who help law enforcement. They are also investigating the chance of receiving humanitarian aid and political asylum.

New York Mayor Eric Adams held a ceremony at police headquarters where those who aided in James’ arrest were called heroes. On May 5, Puebla was given an official proclamation at a city event honoring Mexican Americans.

Flores is currently applying for a U visa. The document is designed to help victims of violent crimes, including attempted murder. For her to not be deported, the city would have to expedite her paperwork.

James faces life in prison for counts of perpetrating a terrorist attack and violence against a mass transportation system. He pleaded not guilty.