The sky really is the limit for Grammy-nominated singer Kenyon “R&B Kenny” Dixon. The LA based artist is not new to the world of R&B with musical ties to Tyrese, Justin Timberlake, Usher and others. Though some people may be still sleeping, Kenyon Dixon continues to outdo himself, adding on to his discography and lengthy resume. With the R&B scene producing some great music these days, Dixon continues to put on for the genre and for his city. If you thought for one second that he wasn’t going to come correct on his new release Closer, you thought wrong.

With all that’s going on globally, Kenyon Dixon shares how he moves forward on one of the stand-out records “Get High, Get By” featuring D Smoke. Dixon co-produced the song with Marqus Curtis and Chris “CBlakk” Daniels. On “Get High, Get By,” he sings about being bombarded by an enormous amount of stress that comes with just existing in the world. As a result, he turns to recreation medication, along with meditation here and there, as salvations for temporary relief.

“Still feeling I’m not where I’m supposed to be / Up in arms, running wild / And all they say is hopefully, soon everything will turn around / Another day another dollar to make / They never listen to a thing that we say anyway,” he sings. The album consists of a total of 12 records and enlists features from D Smoke, Tiffany Gouche, Gwen Bunn, & Susan Carol.

The two-time Grammy nominated singer/songwriter-producer really has something special with CLOSE and it is certainly some of the best work to come out in 2022 so far. Tap into Kenyon Dixon’s latest effort and vibe out.