/  05.05.2022

You may need to sit down for this story. Last Tuesday (March 26), a woman in Lambayque, Peru was being carried in a casket at her funeral when she shocked her loved ones by beating from the inside to be let out, outlets report.

Thirty-six-year-old Rosa Isabel Cespede Callaca had been pronounced dead after being involved in a fatal car crash that claimed the life of her brother-in-law and seriously injured her nephews.

After hearing the pounding from inside Callaca’s casket, family members were beyond stunned to find the woman lying there sweating with her eyes wide open. They called the police then loaded the casket into the back of a pickup truck and rushed the woman to Referential Hospital Ferrenafe.

Once at the hospital, doctors determined that Callaca was indeed alive. Family members and loved ones considered this to be a miracle as medical staff quickly hooked the woman up to a life support machine.

Callaca’s condition improved once she was hooked up to the machine and her family was overwhelmed with joy. Hours later, Callaca died.

A confused family member told a news outlet, “’We have the videos in which she pushes and touches the coffin.”

One of Callaca’s aunts — who wished to remain unnamed — said, “We want to know why my niece reacted yesterday when we were taking her to be buried.”

Sources say it’s possible that the hospital mistakenly pronounced the woman deceased when she had actually been in a coma.

Hospital staff is now under police investigation to determine whether or not they acted negligently when they initially took her off of life support after the car crash and sent her to a morgue without properly checking her vital signs.

Reports state that her three nephews — who were injured in the same car crash — are still in critical condition as they recover in the hospital.


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