Lil Baby treated fans today with a brand new surprise drop titled “Frozen.” The new release follows two video-assisted tracks earlier this month, “Right On” and “In A Minute.” On the new track, the rap superstar muses on the trials and tribulations of being one of rap’s elite:

How you bring a knife to a gunfight, they gon’ always do it twice when it’s done right/ I remember ridin’ ’round ’til the sunlight come up, I ain’t tryna argue so I hung up/ D-Boy fresh with it on me, know how I pop out/ If bullshit is not important, what I’m gon’ lie ’bout? Don’t play with Baby, I give you sum to cry ’bout

That’s a dime, that’s for you and four of your friends to fly out, every time we outside, that shit be goin’ up/ I got women tryna get at me like you been growin’ up, really, I know you see what’s happenin’, I’m steady blowin’ up/ I know n***as want me to fall but I’m steady goin’ uphill started from the bottom, how the fuck I’m up here?

In additional news, Lil Baby recently earned a GRAMMY for Best Melodic Rap Performance for his powerful verse on “Hurricane” with Kanye West and The Weeknd. Just yesterday, Chris Brown took to his Instagram page to announce the news of a joint tour with Lil Baby. The “One Of Them Ones” tour is presented by Rolling Loud and tickets are distributed through Live Nation. The tour kicks off in Raleigh, NC and passes through Boston, Toronto, Atlanta and more before coming to an end in Las Vegas.

On the music front, Lil Baby joined Ed Sheeran for a remix of “2step,” making for an unlikely but dope collaboration.

Be sure to press play on Lil Baby’s brand new “Frozen” single down below.