A few weeks ago, Key Glock returned with a deluxe version of his Yellow Tape 2 project. The new edition of the well-received body of work added on 10 new tracks. Today (April 27), Glock finds yet another way to revamp the music and keep the momentum going as he unveils a brand new acoustic performance visual for a stand-out track, “Ambition For Cash.” In the newly released clip, Key Glock is posted in the city streets as he is surrounded by flute players who effortlessly recreate the original beat produced by Tay Keith:

Yeah, bag, yeah, bag, bitch, I just made a bag, yeah, bag, yeah, bag, yeah, a bag a big bag/ Yeah, n***a I got a real real addiction for this cash (yeah, n***a) I got a real ambition for this cash (yeah)/ Thirteen years old, with a shoebox stash (yeah) I’m always up to somethin’, never sittin’ on my ass

N***a (what?), this glizzock got my skinnys saggin’ n***a (yeah), I tote that Glizock with a passion (baow)/ N***a, I tote that Glizock with a passion (yeah, yeah, yeah) and I talk a whole lotta shit ’cause I can bag it (uh, uh)/ Yeah, it’s up there (yeah) bitch my heart cold (yeah), my last name Moncler (yeah, ‘Cler)

Yellow Tape 2 was originally released last November, complete with 20 hard-hitting cuts and zero features. Unfortunately, he didn’t have much time to celebrate the album’s success, as that same month saw his business partner, frequent collaborator, and literal family member Young Dolph gunned down in Memphis. Since then, the Paper Route talent did release “Proud,” a heartfelt tribute to Dolph that saw him truly opening up about his loss.

Be sure to press play on Key Glock’s brand new acoustic performance of “Ambition For Cash” down below.