Back in October, Potter Payper blessed the world with his Def Jam 0207 debut Thanks For Waiting, an 18-track body of work that came with collaborations alongside the likes of Unknown T, Digga D, M Huncho, NSG, Haile, and Tiggs Da Author, the last of whom provided vocals on the heartfelt standout “Gangsteritus.” Produced by Show N Prove, the track saw Payper rapping about his past struggles, some of which came as a part of his street lifestyle:

Everybody gotta make sacrifices, sometimes it ain’t as simple as black and white is, especially when you got a bit of gangsteritus, trap star, rap star, man are gangster writers, we was blendin’ in rentals with cats as drivers, I used to stack all the twenties spend all the fivers, nowadays everybody wanna go viral, but I got them on a needle likе a old vinyl, 2021, year of the entitlеd, they say the trilogy itself’s like the street bible, separate to elevate, it’s been vital…”

Today (April 22), the East London talent decided to liberate a sequel to “Gangsteritus” (titled “Gangsteritus Part 2”), which sees an additional verse from Nines, a big move given that it’s the first official drop from the Crabs In A Bucket rapper since his release from prison last month. As such, the Church Road representer doesn’t disappoint:

“You must’ve heard I was flyin’ tons, if you’ve heard that I paid for protection I was buyin’ guns, I ain’t walkin’ ’round with guards, had a shootout in the club, it was always on the cards, nina with the nina, I got too many flows, last year I wasted twenty K on Uber and hoes, the hardest niggas on the streets is us, I leave them opps in a box like some pizza crust, it’s Nines…”

Check out “Gangsteritus Part 2” below.