Next month, Blac Youngsta will unveil his latest project 4LIFE, a 23-song offering with collaborations alongside 42 Dugg, BIG30, Pooh Shiesty, Yo Gotti, Rylo Rodriguez, and more. Following visuals for “Can’t Spell” and “Threat” comes another for “Money,” which — as the title makes clear — is an ode to getting the bag by any means necessary:

Money don’t make me, I just love makin’ money, and I said anything I do, they gon’ hate me, they gon’ wanna take sum’ from me, I say young nigga, get yo’ motherfuckin’ money, don’t you let nobody talk you out and take it from ya, I thank Lord I made it ’cause I come straight out the dungeon, you know how it’s broke and won’t nobody give you nothin’…”

Courtesy of GT Films, the accompanying clip for “Money” begins with what’s presumed to be a younger version of Blac Youngsta in a warehouse counting money from a shoebox. Viewers can then watch scenes of said version causing trouble, from shootings to conflicts with others over women — all before he finds himself in the studio, which (despite the occasional doubter) he begins to use to turn his life around and find another lane to financial success.

Press play on Blac Youngsta‘s “Money” below. You can also check out the full tracklisting for 4LIFE, which officially makes landfall May 12.

4LIFE tracklist:

  1. “Can’t Spell”
  2. “Shoot at Some”
  3. “Nobody” feat. 21 Savage
  4. “We Kept the Receipts”
  5. “Tru Colors”
  6. “Threat” with 42 Dugg
  7. “Stop Sign” with BIG30 and Pooh Shiesty
  8. “Anythang”
  9. “Go Ho”
  10. “Field Goal” with Yo Gotti
  11. “What Goes Around Comes Around”
  12. “Exactly”
  13. “Locked In” with Dee Mula and featuring Lil Jairmy and Rylo Rodriguez
  14. “Hit It” feat. Luh Kel
  15. “I’m Assuming”
  16. “Money”
  17. “Dear Grandma”
  18. “I Believe”
  19. “Lie to Me” feat. Lil Migo
  20. “Walking Shit”
  21. “Steppas” feat. CY-YUNG
  22. “Continue”
  23. “Everybody Die”