Lizzo confirms new music that she previously shared is mother-approved will soon be available for the world to hear. She announced that her new album, titled “Special” will be released on July 15.

“I think that the music really is going to speak for itself. I’m writing songs about love from every direction, and I hope that I can turn a little bit of the fear that’s been running rampant in this world, energetically into love,” said the 33-year-old entertainer in a recent interview on Apple Music’s “New Music Daily.”

Her goal is to sprinkle a little more love into the world.

“I had a lot of fear, and I had to do the work on myself, and this music is some of that work in turning that fear into love,” the “Truth Hurts” emcee expressed. “I hope that when people listen to this album, it makes their day just a little better, a little bit more filled with love.”

She also eludes to making “the song of the summer with ‘About Damn Time,'” the newly dropped single with a banging visual to match.

“I feel like the album is an incredible body of music, which was super important to me,” the Detroit native continued. “I wanted to create good fucking music that actually was cohesive, and meaningful, and rich and lush. It could be a grower, it could be a shower. I don’t care, it’s good. Once people discover it, it’s going to make them feel good and them know what’s up.”

The news of the album comes on the heels of some major wins for Lizzo. Just last month she celebrated the premiere of the new Amazon series,”Watch Out for the Big Grrrls,” and the release of YITTY, the size-inclusive shape wear line.

But don’t get it twisted, she is still very much about the music.

“I’m in my bag, and my bag is music,” said Lizzo. “I’m good at music. It’s what I do.”