A film about the late King Von is reportedly in the making. The rapper’s ex-manager, Jameson “100K” Francois, teased the project in an Instagram post shared earlier this week.

“I can’t wait till your movie come out,” wrote 100K alongside a photo of him posing in front of a King Von mural. “Hurry up,” he wrote, tagging filmmaker Edgar Esteves in the post.”Some people die and the world forget but your name gone live for generations.”

100K and Von met in 2019 through their mutual friend Lil Durk. Their working relationship started after the manager helped an incarcerated Von with his lawyer fees. “He was like, “Bruh, I need you in my corner because you genuinely care for me,” 100K told REVOLT when discussing the late rapper. “We’re not even locked into business, but I can call you to help me.” With Durk’s approval, he took on the role of Von’s manager.

100k was present during Von’s final show. While recalling the event, he spoke of the good energy that preceded the Chicago emcee’s tragic death.

“He had an album release party [in Atlanta]. It was a great night. His album [Welcome to O’Block] dropped,” said 100K. “He was streaming really high. Everybody came out. It was in Atlanta, so he flew half of his Chicago homeboys and family out. It was a great environment. It was so good, he didn’t want to go back to the hotel. That’s when we ended up going to the after-hours spot. Unfortunately, we learned that night that it’s best to have a great time and call it a night.”

As fans know, Von was gunned down outside of an Atlanta nightclub in November 2020. His death was met with tributes from peers and requests to stream his music as he owned his masters.

In the wake of his passing, his estate released his posthumous album What It Means To Be King. Von is said to have over 300 unreleased tracks in the vault.

See 100K’s post below.