A murder suspect in Jam Master Jay’s mysterious death wants the court system to drop all charges against him. As Billboard reported, the lawyers of Karl Jordan Jr filed a motion on Monday (April 11) in which they argued that their client’s right to due process has been violated.

In the documents, the attorneys allege that the court intentionally took too much time to make a charging decision in the case, stripping Jordan of cell phone records and other evidence he once had to prove his innocence. With nothing to support his alibi, they claimed that he is unable to defend himself properly.

“Karl Jordan, Jr. has due process rights that must be respected and enforced and hauling him into court and forcing him to defend himself against a murder that happened decades ago is neither fair nor just,” Jordan’s attorneys wrote. “This is not a cold case where the government has just identified the perpetrator of an old crime. Instead, this is an instance where the government unfairly delayed the timing of its charging decision in a reckless disregard for Mr. Jordan’s rights.”

As fans know, Jam Master Jay was shot and killed in his Queens studio on Oct. 30, 2002. After two decades of unanswered questions, Jordan and Ronald Washington were charged with the DJ’s death. Prosecutors believe the men broke into the studio and gunned him down for allegedly backing out of a drug deal. Jordan was said to be responsible for the shot that ended Jay’s life. He is hoping to absolve these allegations in the upcoming trial.

As previously reported, Jordan’s ex-girlfriend and a former corrections officer will testify on his behalf. Unfortunately, two of the individuals who allegedly helped to conspire the killing will be taking the stand as well.

A trial is scheduled to go down next year. Per the motion, Jordan is requesting that he be tried separately from Washington, whose statements he believes could be used against him.