Twenty gang members in the Bronx have been arrested as part of “Operation Drilly,” the NYPD’s intense study of drill songs and music videos. As the New York Daily News reported, Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark and New York City Police Commissioner Keechant L. Sewell released a four-page, 82-count indictment on Thursday (April 7). In it, the individuals, who are allegedly a part of the G-Side/Drilly gang — a subset of the Bloods Sex Money Murder gang — have been accused of committing 32 crimes in the East Gun Hill Road, Hull Avenue and Decatur Avenue neighborhoods of the borough. The violent acts were said to have occurred between September 2018 and March 15 and were mentioned in a few drill songs that assisted police with the gang crackdown.

Of the 20 individuals, 13 are awaiting arraignment behind bars. The seven that were arraigned collectively picked up charges, including conspiracy, murder, manslaughter, attempted murder, criminal possession of a weapon, reckless endangerment, assault, attempted assault and grand larceny.

“These defendants allegedly engaged in dozens of acts of violence, including murder and attempted murder, over the last three years, with the most recent just a few weeks ago,” District Attorney Clark explained in a statement. “The defendants allegedly committed multiple shootings, some in broad daylight, killing two people and injuring innocent bystanders. These defendants terrorized residents of the Fordham/Bedford Park neighborhoods who were forced to run for their lives as bullets flew.”

He called the crimes “senseless acts of violence” and said that more has to be done to direct the youth down a better path. “We’re doing all that we can to deal with and battle the guns scourge that is happening here in the Bronx,” Clark continued. “But more must be done to deviate these young people from the life of gangs and senseless violence. We do need to do more.”

The arrests come amid a push to silence drill music on the radio and on social media.