Cardi — excuse us — Bardi is back and her fans can’t wait to hear her drill flow on Kay Flock’s new track “Shake It,” featuring Dougie B & Bory 300.

Cardi’s name trended on Twitter over the weekend as a snippet of the song and video was unleashed showing the Bronx-bred Bardi in her element.

In a clip shared by New York’s one-minute street show Sidetalk, Cardi is surrounded by Bronx locals on the set of the “Shake It” music video.

Shout out to the motherfuckin’ Bronx,” Cardi says. “Y’all be playing with the Bronx but let me tell you something: these Bronx niggas right now got all the views beating all y’all niggas on YouTube deadass.”

The visual ends with Cardi displaying her drill flow as the crowd behind her responds emphatically.

While the full song won’t be released until next Friday (April 15), Twitter erupted with comments about Cardi taking on NYC drill rap.

“I just know this Cardi B verse gonna go crazy,” one person tweeted.

“Cardi coming to show the girls how to REALLY do drill. SHAKE IT 4/15,” another person tweeted.

“Not gonna cap, Cardi B bout to drop some heat,” one twitter user said.

“Cardi B is unbelievable what a star,” anothe account tweeted.

Thank you Cardi for making this summer littttt,” @CasinoxLife tweeted.

One tweeter referenced the fact that Cardi deleted her Twitter account but still managed to become a trending topic on the social media platform.

“Cardi’s impact is undeniable,” the fan tweeted. “Cardi’s page is currently deactivated, but she still manages to be the topic of the discussion with over 50k tweets. That’s iconic to me.”

“This is like the original cardi lol if you actually listened to her older music,” one tweeter pointed out.

“Cardi B on drill is a match made in heaven, I’ve heard 6 seconds and I at least want 3 songs from her doing drill,” another tweet reads.

Check out more Twitter reactions below and look out for Kay Flock’s “Shake It” featuring Cardi B, Dougie B & Bory 300 on April 15.