This past weekend, Larry June and Jay Worthy joined forces for their joint effort 2 P’z in a Pod, which comes with 11 tracks and additional appearances from Suga Free, CeeLo Green, Roc Marciano, and Jim Jones. Accompanying that project was a dual visual for the singles “She’s Not Around” and “Maybe The Next Time,” both of which were produced by Worthy’s LNDN DRGS partner Sean House.

“She’s Not Around” sees the June rapping about making moves in cities across the country:

“Lil’ drive up to Reno, quick date at the sand, conversation with the … how we gon’ make it out the game? First we stop down in Tahoe, quick play for a band, nineteen with a dream, I don’t think they understand, but fuck that, we elevate, now we plan to trifect, yeah, it’s money in New York, but shit, D.C was better…”

Meanwhile, Worthy keeps the proverbial party going on “Maybe The Next Time”:

She ain’t feelin’ you, not feelin’ you, I put the Perky in my cup so I can feel the juice, I had her goin’ shortly after the interview, bad lil’ bitch, yeah, I think she stay in Centerview, oh, what’s your name? My fault, I don’t remember you, talkin’ back to the ism, that’s the end of you, I’m a P, baby, no, I’m not a friend to you, lot of bitches hear my shit, yeah, and be offended too, but still wanna fuck hoes, so bring your pussy through…”

The aforementioned video sees direction from Miguel415 and begins with a shot of June counting money, engaging in a recording session, and more, all with a view of the ocean over his shoulder. Things then switch to Worthy catching vibes with crew in what looks like San Francisco.

Press play on Jay Worthy and Larry June‘s new clip below.